Drea Lewis


» Letter of Recommendation from Tom Hanks
» Letter of Recommendation from Mike Nichols
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“She brings strength, charm, and vitality to the stage.”
-K. Tanzer, Co-founder/Artistic Director of Exhibit A

“Focused and motivated”
-Nina D’Abbracci, Alexander Technique International

“Effervescent; Dréa will walk her own path; funny and fully committed”
-Kathryn Markey, Writer/Director

“Dréa is a very special and sensitive talent. She also possesses a very lovely voice. She works with confidence and purpose; Her voice is lively and expressive.”
-Richard Omar, The School for Film and Television

“Dréa is a gifted, energetic, and giving performer.”
-Kathy Hendrickson, Founder/Director Present Elevation

“She works with enthusiasm and vigor. Her speech work in the Story Theater piece was consistently strong and clear. The production didn’t require her using Good Speech for Classic Plays but she did adopt several characters with distinct speech patterns that she was able to maintain with consistency.”
-Lester Thomas Shane, Voice and Speech Trainers of America

“She seems never to be discouraged, which is always a good trait in a performer.”
-Eileen Connolly, Founder/Director Wallis Knot Theatre

“…Riveting; abandons any preconceived notions of pleasing the audience or what many teachers of acting call indicating.”
-Harlen deBell, Sense Memory/Method Acting Instructor